Harry BertramHarry Bertram has qualified for the ballot in West Virginia’s 51st District as a candidate for the House of Delegates. He is running as the candidate of the American Freedom Union.

A railroad engineer by trade, Mr. Bertram wants to represent working and middle class West Virginians, whose interests have for too long been ignored by both the Democrats and Republicans. He will follow the populist, nationalist platform of the American Freedom Union when dealing with local and state issues, among them:

  • Standing foursquare behind the Second Amendment and opposing any attempts at gun control in West Virginia;
  • Advocating America First economic policies by supporting tariffs and opposing off-shoring and international trade agreements that benefit multi-national corporations but not West Virginia workers;
  • Balancing the state budget and opposing any tax increases;
  • Supporting traditional values and a strengthened family as the linchpin of a healthy society.

Harry supports not only working men but farmers and small and medium-sized businesses. In other words he supports free enterprise, not crony capitalism that favors giant corporations and globalist interests and works against laborers and small businesses. He believes in a fair-minded, common sense approach to the issues and is beholden only to his fellow West Virginians, not to any special interests.

Harry supports many of President Trump’s America First policies, but is opposed to the two-party Republicrat monopoly, including the many Republicans who are actively working against the President. West Virginians need a voice in the state legislature that proudly and unabashedly stands for America First policies and against the corrupt establishment that is the cause of our country’s decline.

To contact the Bertram campaign, go to, or call 304-598-7215.